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Student Learning Expectations

We, the educators of Mission Basilica School, believe in the holistic approach towards education which encourages all students to achieve their unique potential. As defined in the following School-wide Learning Expectations, our students strive to be:

A Faith-filled Catholic Who:

  • Lives the Gospel message
  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of the Catholic faith and traditions
  • Builds a personal relationship with God
  • Participates actively in the Catholic Church and sacramental life
  • Finds joy in serving and helping others

A Life-long learner who:

  • Has foundation of knowledge for continuing growth.
  • Applies critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Displays competence in oral and written expression
  • Takes personal initiative and is self-directed
  • Develops and promotes and appreciation for the arts
  • Uses technology effectively and ethically as a tool for learning and communication

A Responsible Citizen who:

  • Makes good choices and accepts responsibility for those actions
  • Understands the importance of good physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as it relates to total growth and well-being

A Respectful Person who:

  • Displays reverence for human dignity and diversity
  • Communicates respectfully and compassionately
  • Appreciates and accepts each person’s differences
  • Applies gospel values to varied cultural matters

We, therefore, accept the challenge to keep alive the tradition of Catholic education that has continued for over two hundred years.