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Learning Support & Resouces

At the core of our school’s philosophy is to encourage each child to achieve success according to his or her own potential. Every student is a child of God and is deserving of an opportunity for the best Catholic education possible.

Our Learning Support staff provides options for our students including differentiated instruction to meet individual unique learning styles and strengths. The goal is to make sure our rigorous curriculum is accessible to all our MBS students. Adaptations can be made to the educational program along with using a variety of teaching strategies to provide extra support.

Partnering with parents is the goal of the classroom teachers and Learning Support staff, to aid student achievement and individual academic goals. Previously learned skills are reinforced with a focus on meeting current grade level expectations, helping to build independent learners. Ongoing evaluation of
each student’s progress is provided, thereby enabling each student to take on the challenges in learning and accomplish goals successfully.

Within the Learning Support Department, the coordinator’s role is to provide support to students, parents, teachers, and administration. Together, we work collaboratively to develop ways to reach all children so that they may grow and learn, share their own individual gifts, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Programs offered:

  • Differentiated Instruction – Teachers are Trained in Universal Design for Learning
  • Sonday - Small and Whole Group Reading Intervention
  • Barton Reading and Spelling program
  • Small group Evidence Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)
  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing
  • Foundations in Sound

Katie Villa
Haya Sakadjian
Lauren Gensicke

Mrs. Katie Villa
Learning Support and Resources

Mrs. Haya Sakadjian
Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs. Lauren Gensicke
Learning Support Assistant