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At Mission Basilica School, technology is viewed as a vehicle of communication, analysis, and research in the light of Catholic values and moral decision making.  Technology is integrated into each office, classroom, and learning environment within the school community.  Precautions are taken to assure the safety of students, including providing ongoing education of inappropriate and potentially dangerous uses of technology.  Every student and faculty member sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at the beginning of each school year.

As an integral part of the school’s overall plan to provide meaningful technology for our students, we have implemented a 1 to 1 Chromebook program in grades 6th-8th. Our Middle School students have technology at their fingertips for every subject. Chromebooks are taken home every night for homework and preparation for the next day’s lesson. In addition, all of our other classes are equipped with a class set of Chromebooks. Students have apps for note taking, word processing, data collecting, and the production of multimedia projects.  Teachers choose apps for grade level curriculum in social studies, math, literature, science, Spanish, religion, language arts, and PE.  Each device is equipped with a camera, email and access to the internet. In addition, each of our TK-8th grade classrooms have a 65’ touch screen interactive computer and access to iPads to enhance learning and engagement.

Students in the third through eighth grade lab spend time using age-appropriate typing programs that are both online and computer based. They word process in Microsoft Word, MaxWrite and Pages. Students become familiar with Excel, MaxCount, and Numbers. Creative projects are done using a variety of programs and websites including KidPix, Wordle, Glogster, and Tagxedo. Students learn to integrate clipart, photos, and to edit videos for use within Publisher, PowerPoint, or Keynote multimedia projects. The middle grade students become familiar with a program called Storytelling Alice which teaches the basics of computer programming languages. Our middle grade students also spend time learning a variety of iPad based apps.

Students receive instruction throughout the year in troubleshooting simple computer programs as well as online safety through a program called Common Sense Media which includes topics on appropriate online behavior, cyberbullying, and appropriate uses of the internet.