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Virtual Tour of MBS Highlights Mission Basilica School was founded by Father O'Sullivan in 1928. We treasure our place in the history of San Juan Capistrano and are always looking to the future. One of our mottos is "a swallow always returns home", we are fortunate to have four teachers that are alumni. Most of our faculty and staff either have children attending school or in the past their children attended Mission. Preschool: We have students as young as 2 years old on campus. Laura Bullock is the Preschool Director and teaches our 2 year old students. Mrs. Andrade teaches our 3 year old class and Mrs. Watson teaches our 4 year old class.(Shares preschool schedules with parents.) TK - 8th Grade: Religion - Kindergarten - 8th grade participate in an annual retreat. Here are some highlights from a few grades - 1st grade is the making and blessing the crosses. 2nd grade prepares our students for their First Communion. SM and JSerra High Schools work with our 5th-8th grade students at their retreats. Our students attend Mass once a week. We begin each week at morning assembly, welcoming each other to the beginning of a new school week. Parents are welcome to attend. Math - Preschool - 8th grade works on Simple Solutions every day. This is a great tool for building the foundation of math skills. We also continue this program over the summer months with Summer Solutions. At this point, teachers discuss the math curriculum within their own class. ELA - Teachers discuss the reading and writing workshop within their grade. Share examples by grade. Science - Teachers discuss science within their own grade. Kathleen Walsh oversees the STEM program for the school and works with our teachers to incorporate the program within each grade. Once a year we have a STEM open house so our students may share their projects with their parents. This is a fun evening for our students and their families. Social Studies - Teachers discuss the curriculum within their own grade. Highlights, 4th grade studies California history. Reading of "Two Years Before the Mast". 5th grade studies the American Revolution, Taste of America and the States. 8th grade, American history and week long trip to Washington, DC and New York. Specialty Classes- PE class is held twice a week. There are after school sports for students to participate in. Art class is held once a week. Spanish class begins in preschool, taught by Mrs. Graham once a week. 3rd-5th grades attends class once a week with Mrs. Milanino. Middle school grades attend twice a week to prepare for high school. Music class is taught by Mrs. Bondi. Renee Bondi is a lifelong resident of SJC and part of three generations that attended MBS. Mrs. Bondi teaches preschool - 8th grade music. She also has two choirs, 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade. The choirs meet once a week after school to practice, prepare for special events and weekly Mass. Tech - Our 3 year old students - 8th grade students attend computer classes with Barb Hudson. Our youngest students attend class once a week due to having their own devices that the student works on daily. Mrs. Hudson assists our students with their computer skills but also coding for our robots. At Mission we have traditions like Faith Families, UN Day, St. Joseph's Day, Swallow's Day Parade, Christmas programs for all grades, Fun Day, Grandparent/Special Friends Day and many more. Parents and families are encourages to attend our many events. Welcome to the Mission Basilica School community!