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United Nations Day 2015


Every year in October, Mission Basilica School presents a festival celebrating the unity of nations around the globe. In the weeks leading up to this celebration, classes taste the delicious foods of their countries, listen to guest speakers share international stories, learn new languages and experience the rich culture of their country. All classes, Pre-K through Eighth grade, learn traditional dances from various countries which they rehearse for many weeks in their PE classes.

                 The culmination of this preparation is United Nations Day, a tradition held by Mission Basilica School for the past 25 years. On October 30, 2015, parents and the community are invited to celebrate 8:30 mass in the Basilica, where they are treated to a choral program directed by Ms. Caty Bishop. After mass, visitors are then encouraged to visit the “global village,” a recreation of each country built by our wonderful families. As the students enjoy a lunchtime feast, the guests can tour each intricately-decorated booth while enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of each unique nation.

The grand finale of the event is a series of dances choreographed for each class by our new physical education teacher, Ms. Lisa Delanty. For each of the ten grade levels, students dress in the traditional garments of their own country, including Austria, Italy, Jamaica, China, Ireland, France, India, the nations of Africa, and USA in the 1930’s. The students perform on the central blacktop to a full-capacity audience, as they whirl, jig, and pair together in a variety of exciting formations. The dance portion of UN Day closes with the song, “Waving Flag,” in which all the students come together to celebrate global and spiritual unity.

Last but not least, Principal Beresford and the entire Mission Basilica School staff extends their heartfelt thanks to all the parents and community sponsors who contributed to the success of this event for our students!


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