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Preschool Role: Empower Kids to Get Interested in Learning

Most parents believed that education comes as a top priority for their children, however, kids find the school to be boring and too much of a chore especially if they’re just starting off at preschool. Mission Basilica School in San Juan Capistrano believed that when kids have their imagination captured, they can definitely achieve great things in school. Nothing is more exciting for parents than seeing their children develop keen interest in learning about the world.

Based on various studies and researches, here are some effective ways to motivate preschoolers to get interested in learning:

  1. KEEP AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP. Stay on your kid's team and try not to play against them for this will allow you to be the most influential person. Remember that your job is to help them become responsible. If you punish, preach or threaten to manipulate them,  it will get you to nowhere  and will make your child or children more defiant. Your child is not behaving this way on purpose to make your life miserable.
  2. COMMUNICATE. One on one talk could be very crucial to kids. Start talking about the positive things in school, show them you are also interested in their homework and let them understand that it's not meant as a punishment rather to help them develop a good work ethic and to focus on school subjects.
  3. BE KIND and FIRM. Encourage them by explaining the importance of being in school. Ask them about what are causing them not to be interested. Try to be kind, helpful and consistent. For every negative interaction with them, create ten positive ones. Focus on being supportive rather than a worrier or a nagger.
  4. BALANCE LIFE. Rather than going crazy over their grades make their lives balanced by being actively involved in activities with friends, families or volunteer works and with their school affairs.

What is happening now may look very different as your children matures and grows. Lend them your brain by teaching and helping them with the things around that they can't pull off on their own. Remember that when we focus more on the negative side of what our children are doing, it will only bring the spotlight on them and will set you both for a power struggle. Focus on your child's or children’s positive traits that will make them into successful persons someday. With the help of a nurturing preschool like Mission Basilica School, you can also be assured that your children’s interest in learning and discovering new things will grow with them.