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Why Enroll Your Kids in Catholic Schools?

Thinking about whether a Catholic school in Orange County is right for your child?  Mission Basilica School will help you consider several factors before you make this important decision about your child's education.

Like most Catholic schools in Orange County, Mission Basilica‘s main goal is to fulfill the educational ministry of the Catholic Church and the development of every individual with God's given gifts. As a parent, this is one important choice for their future.


Catholic education is usually comparable in terms of academics to those of public school curricula, but since they don't receive monetary support from the government, Orange County catholic schools are set as private institutions. However, they use innovative instructional methods in teaching to make their students outperform public school students and even make them score higher on the state standardized tests.


In addition, the preparation for college in Orange County Catholic Schools is a clear goal, hence, the integration of modern technology undoubtedly increased the globalized navigation of children outside of school. Smart classrooms that are equipped with smartboards, projectors, cameras are used for interactive learning. Accrediting agencies help provide ongoing programs for both internal and external evaluation which is the reason why Orange County Catholic schools like Mission Basilica School holds a record of academic excellence with high graduation rates.


Furthermore, Catholic schools stress the value of self-discipline, leadership, commitment and high regard for moral values. Because family input and involvement in the education is encouraged, this partnership results to lower dropout rates of students.


The main goal of Catholic school education is to help children mature into Christ-like people; assist them in the total faith formation and encourage them to recognize the presence of Christ within themselves and on others.


As a Catholic community, Mission Basilica students experience the response of  God's grace and presence in their lives as they unite in solidarity or even challenge each other to become better reflections of the Divine. Students in Orange County Catholic Schools like Mission Basilica School grow their faith  through classes and activities in Scriptures, Sacraments, and morality. In today's world, being in a Catholic school makes a difference in the world around them as they will forever treasure the Church and its teachings.