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Campus Ministry: Enhancing Spirituality, Mission, and Meaning for Students

Christian based education develops the maturity of a person and gradually introduces them to the mystery of salvation so that they become more aware of the gift of faith. Catholic schools have always been considered a vast reservoir of energy and talent that can be utilized in helping the church especially here in Orange County. Continuing an academic institution within a faith community, the whole church campus is a living reminder of our faith.


Why Campus Ministry in Catholic Schools Is Important


Campus Ministry is formed as it helps students by enhancing their faith and spirituality as well as placing deeper meaning in their lives. Campus Ministry is an opportunity open to all students who want to explore their relationship with God. This will also help them recognize the importance of faith whether at home, parish or in school.  


While its goals include empowering young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, it also draws them to be responsible in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community. This important Ministry promotes the growth of a competent, healthy, caring and Faithful community.  It also fosters a positive development of both Christian discipleship and Catholic identity by giving students unique opportunities in social and religious aspects.


Campus Ministry in Orange County Catholic schools like Mission Basilica School helps students who are serious about their prayer life. It also provides the right venue to catechize them as they deal with the intellectual challenges of their faith amidst their studies. This prepares them for greater responsibilities with their families and their future colleagues at work. Faith-filled opportunities and a wide variety of religious services to students and the faculty happen on a regular basis: school masses, Bible studies, leadership training, and spiritual counseling. Retreats and other forms of prayer experiences help them grow in faith. The need is greater today than ever before. The students are our future leaders.