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How Catholic Schools Stand Out From Public Schools

Catholic schools are more well-rounded compared to public school students and its superior focus on academics is why students excel. Research shows that a majority of students enrolled in Catholic schools consistently score above average on standardized tests compared to that of public school students. Teaching methods that foster intellectually, spiritually, and physically advanced skills are being taught in Catholic schools. The students excel academically because of the greater emphasis on homework, study, and writing skills.


While schools vary and students' achievements begin with the parents' hard choice of paying extra for education, they receive a secure, nurturing, and safe environment where education is offered personally to students in Catholic schools. Most importantly, most educators regard their jobs as a "calling" and treat their profession as a ministry. This is one of the key reasons they stay so long instead of looking elsewhere. From the dedicated veterans to the enthusiastic newcomers, they choose to stay believing that Catholic faith is a priority in school. All the faculty members are committed to bringing out the best in their students who grow in knowledge, skills, and values.


In preparing students to encounter Jesus Christ and bring His teaching into their lives, Catholic schools reinforce faith and values at home, in school, and in the community. Children are taught to value respect and dignity of self and others in a Christ-like manner. Prayer, faith, and spirituality come naturally. These are established and introduced at an early age. Students are more involved in going to the Mass and Holy days like Christmas, Easter, and important Catholic Church feast days.


Because of the strong sense of community, Catholic schools strive to create a strong bond among students, home, school and the church. Students are encouraged to talk about their faith with friends and bring God into conversation without feeling embarrassed. There is a mutual respect that generates an atmosphere of care and concern in every student compared to public schools.


Finally, we believe that our children deserve no less than the best. Enrolling them in Catholic schools in Orange County Ca like Mission Basilica School will make a positive difference in their faith especially in today's fast-paced, changing world.