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How Catholic Schools Give Homework

Homework teaches students the lessons of accountability, diligence, appreciation for knowledge and responsibility. We are brought up to do homework from our kindergarten years on. Does this work enhance learning or deeper understanding among students?  Catholic Schools in Orange County Ca like Mission Basilica School believe so.  Here are some tips to improve homework skills.

Start by giving the homework assignment in a more thoughtful way so that students may understand and remember. For instance, writing definitions are considered a low-level learning task. Instead, new vocabulary should be used in the context of a story or application. Students are motivated when they are asked to share about what or how they feel about the story. It would also be easier for them to associate the spelling of words if it was presented as an experience.

As for Math homework, it is best if teachers give it in small dose practice compared to having students do multiple math problems at once. Each student is unique; one might be able to do it immediately while others struggle and need to repeat the practice 30 times before they can master the skill.

Homework is done efficiently if it is associated with things that kids are used to, such as magazines, TV shows or products that they have at home. Familiarity makes it easier for students to understand.

Even art projects can be inefficient as students and even parents spend too much time on them. There needs to be a purpose behind all the cutting and coloring. Instead, encourage kids to explain their art by making them write diary entries, create posters or video projects. In this way, teachers know that they understand the steps in processes.

Learning is not a chore, and this is something the students should come to understand. When they are assigned to read to page 20 but they shouldn’t stop there. They should be allowed to take ownership of their homework by making them choose how many pages they are comfortable reading. That way, reading becomes enjoyable rather than a task they have to complete.

Students have to feel competent in doing their homework. A more meaningful homework experience focuses on broader concepts that should enable students to create rather than simply take time. Give students the chance solve problems, this will prove the depth of their thoughts and thus reflect learning.

Students do their homework based on their first impressions so make sure the homework is appealing or visually attractive to them. Avoid lots of instructions and allow students plenty of space to write their thoughts or express their art.

Catholic schools in Orange County like Mission Basilica School encourage students to communicate with their teachers when they struggle or don’t understand their homework.