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How to Raise Confident Kids on Stage

Does your child get butterflies before a ballet recital, a school program or even for class presentations? As teachers at a San Juan Capistrano preschool,  we notice the same kind of nervousness while students perform.



Out of the ordinary behavior, tears, and tummy aches are all symptoms that can accompany a typical childhood experience of performance anxiety. While parents naturally want to teach children that they can handle challenges and believe in themselves, we also need to understand that some children are a little different from the others.


Stage fright is normal for most performers. Even a seasoned ballerina, singer or actor can still battle anxiety before each performance. Famous celebrities also admit experiencing anxiety each time they stand in front of a crowd.


Studies show that kids can develop self-confidence when parents give them consistent words of praise for specific efforts or abilities exhibited during grand and smaller achievements.


Here are some easy ways parents as well as teachers in preschools in San Juan Capistrano, can adapt to overcome children's anxiety when they're on stage:



  1. Practice

Whether it is an act in a play, a speech, a song or dance, encourage the kids to get enough practice. When they feel more prepared and calm, they will be able to get a good understanding of what they are doing and be able to build their confidence.



  1. Let kids watch themselves perform.

Inspire children to stand in front of the mirror as they perform a speech, act or dance as this is beneficial for them to see which areas of their performance they need to improve. Looking at their facial expressions and body language will make them comfortable with how they will look like while performing.



  1.  Relax.


Children tend to speak faster while performing on stage to simply cover up stage fright without analyzing that this will make it harder for them, especially when they forget a line or miss a cue. Make them slow down while taking it easy on stage to ensure less stumbling. This will give them the extra time to collect their thoughts.



  1. Correct Posture



Advise them to maintain a straight posture for this will give them a subconscious feeling of confidence while keeping a smile on their face. It will also help them to stay calm which will automatically transform into confidence.



San Juan Capistrano preschool teachers know that it is essential to ensure that kids shine by giving them the opportunity to try something new, to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. Parents, remember to make a habit of offering encouragement and praise to your children. Kids can easily give up when frustrations arise.  Helping them, by encouraging persistence in the midst of setbacks will help them understand that they can overcome obstacles.