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Family Testimonials

WE ARE Mission Basilica School: The Jooyan Family
“While there are a lot of reasons why we chose Mission Basilica School for our two daughters, the biggest reason is the opportunities that attending a school with a small student-body provides.  Regularly, our girls are given the chance to shine – whether it’s speaking at UN Day, reading at Mass, presenting in class, read-a-louds with classmates, or dancing at the annual St. Joseph’s Day celebration.  These opportunities are grooming our daughters into self-confident, poised, and articulate young ladies.”  The Jooyan Family – Catherine, Gino, Jinous, Ainsley
WE ARE Mission Basilica School: The Gonzalez Family
“We feel blessed to be a part of the Mission Basilica School family.  Our twins are part of a network of friends and a community of support that is warmer and closer than we could have imagined.  Above all, it is comforting to know that the void of having family that lives out of state is filled by our connectedness to this lovely school and magnificent Basilica.”  The Gonzalez Family – Nancy, Lou, Alex, Angelica
WE ARE Mission Basilica School: The Baker Family

“The Baker Family has been part of Mission San Juan Capistrano for three generations.  We truly believe that once you have had the experience of living in the Mission Community life, you never want to leave…the rich history of this community is something rare, especially in South Orange County.  We chose Mission Basilica School for our two children so that an appreciation for and love of the Mission and all it represents would be a part of their legacy as well. ”

“The foundation for our family legacy of involvement at the Mission began in 1947 when my parents, Jan and Tom Sr., moved to San Juan Capistrano.  In 1975, I began at Mission Basilica School, formerly Mission Parish School, and attended grades 1-8, where I enjoyed many of the long established traditions that the students still enjoy today.  Back then, however, the children were taught by the nuns.  In 2001, I married my wife, Lisa Sierras, at the Basilica and had the honor of continuing our family legacy by baptizing our children their, as well.  Today, both of our children are enrolled at Mission Basilica School and enjoy the friendship of many of the children of my former classmates.  Our alumni network of friends is 84 years rich.  Through the years, the extended Baker family has been parish members and strong supporters of the school and historic Mission.; we have contributed to various projects whose positive impact is still felt today.”  The Baker Family – Tom Jr., Lisa, Camryn, Trey, Tom Sr., and Jan.

WE ARE Mission Basilica School: The O'Rourke Family
“My husband and I feel truly blessed to have found Mission Basilica School for our boys. Since 2008, when our oldest son started in PreK, we have enjoyed being apart of this amazing school and church community. It is a wonderful experience to watch our children grow within such a strong, faith-filled, and rich historic tapestry that makes the school, Basilica, and Mission environment so incredibly unique. As a parent, it is a great feeling knowing that our children are getting the very best education supported by strong leadership, and excellent and caring staff, and diverse instruction while staying technologically competitive. Our boys look forward to going to school everyday. We love being a part of such a beautiful and historic school and community.”  The O’Rourke Family – Mary, Thomas, TJ, Christopher, Ryan
WE ARE Mission Basilica School: The Guerena Family
“2011 began our 8th year at Mission Basilica School.  We cannot imagine any other school for our three daughters.  MBS has reinforced so many things we instill in our own home.  With such a tightly-knit school community, we know they are taken care of.  The small, intimate setting has provided many opportunities for our daughters to grow as leaders.  The school play, United Nations Day, St. Joseph’s Day, and the different roles performed at the weekly school-wide Mass have given them the confidence to be in front of an audience.  Our daughters love and appreciate the rich traditions that the school carries and feel so proud that they are part of a historic landmark.”  The Guerena Family – Elena, Ron, Riley, Emma, Allison