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5th Grade

Fifth grade offers new challenges for our students as we continue along the path of academic excellence. We move up to the second floor of our school building to become a part of the older school community.  In addition, fifth graders are eligible to play on our sports teams.

Our Catholic faith is the most important element of our academic program. We study the Sacraments in depth. We meet a number of Saints – some old favorites as well as some recently canonized. Our goal, too, is to make students globally aware of their mission to bring Christ to others through prayer, sacrifice, and good works.

In social studies, we study the birth of our nation, beginning with the lives and culture of our First Americans to the lives and struggles of our Founding Fathers.  In the spring, each student researches and writes a full-length report.  As a class we will hold a “Taste of America” convention with each student’s booth representing one of the states of our country.

Math includes the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of large whole numbers as well as fractions. We study decimals and their relationship to fractions. We work on word problems, as well as drilling for mastery and accuracy of basic facts.

Our science program includes the study of living things, water and weather on Earth and space.  Hands-on lab experiences supplement the curriculum.

Language arts include the study of chapter books, as well as a basic literature series with components of spelling, grammar, and English mechanics.

Through all of our studies, we follow the Common Core State Standards.