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6th Grade

There is an exciting world of information available and our sixth grade class seeks to explore, comprehend, relate, and expand on it.

The Ancient World is the focus of our Social Studies content. Students explore the mysterious cultures that have given rise to our current populations, including the Cradle of Civilization, ancient Egypt, India, China, Israel, Greece, and Rome. Intermeshed with this cultural study is the sixth grade Religion course, which is centered on the study of the Old Testament. Through this thematic approach, the background of our faith becomes more clearly understood.

Our Literature course continues this approach by including themes from around the world, from ancient epics and myths to present-day writings from various cultures. The development of advanced vocabulary skills is also emphasized, as is personal expression through a variety of writing techniques. Students are encouraged to enhance their personal reading and may visit the School Library weekly.

Science centers on the study of the Earth, incorporating its early formation, its composition, and its landscape’s change through tectonic forces, atmospheric factors, and human intervention. The year culminates at Orange County’s Outdoor Science School where students personally explore and analyze the geologic forces that continue to shape our world today.

In Mathematics, our sixth graders begin the study of pre-algebra concepts.