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7th Grade

The seventh grade year builds on leadership skills, provides a well-rounded and challenging academic curriculum, and ensures continued spiritual growth.  Students also begin their journey in preparation for the rigors of high school.

In religion we learn about Jesus’ roles in our lives and grow in our relationship with Him. We discuss how we can best use the gifts we are given to help others in order to become more Christ-like. As the year progresses, we begin to take a more active role in school masses.

In math we work on Pre-Algebra concepts to prepare us for eighth grade Algebra. We solve equations, both one-step and multiple-step. We carry out all operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers.

In science we learn about life – from cells, the building blocks of life, to mammals, the most complex life form. We look at ferns and pond water under the microscope, drawing what we see. We watch earthworms crawl on wet and dry paper towels and analyze why they react differently to each surface. We learn to better understand the workings of the world around us.

In language arts we work on our writing skills and our understanding of literature. We improve our spelling and paragraph structure. We read and write poems and analyze longer novels.

In social studies we explore, Medieval China, Japan, Europe, Africa, the Renaissance, the Reformation and Exploration. We discuss current events and how they relate to history and our lives today.

Our curriculum also includes Spanish, technology, music, and physical education, as well as more advanced art projects in the Art Masters programs.