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Science (STEAM - Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

During the school year, teachers continued to be trained as they implemented a school-wide NGSS curriculum. Middle School science teacher and lower grades science support teacher attended trainings on implementing NGSS:

3 Dimensional Learning in NGSS

Tiger Woods STEM Seminar

NSTA National Conference

Methods of  STEAM Education course,  NASA Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Program, Columbia University

Fourth and fifth-grade teachers attended Notre Dame/Discovery Cube NGSS training

NGSS was fully implemented in grade K-8


As this was our first year of fully implementing NGSS, the faculty is at the preliminary stages of curricular mapping. In the middle grades, a unit on the Nature of Science is mapped out as well as a general progression of units for grades 6-8. Other units are mapped on Planbookedu. After having taught the TCI curriculum in grades K-5 during the 2015-16 school year, the teachers will begin formally mapping science during the school year. 

Four “STEAM Days” activities occurred to further address current science trends and utilize the Engineering Design Process in grades TK-5.This involved small groups of students from different grade levels working together to solve sorting, rocketry, car design and structure problems.


Additionally, during National Engineers Week, students in grades 4 -8 participated in the Fluor Engineering Design Challenge. Our team, Peanut Butter and Jelly, won the Orange County division and our school will be awarded $1000! Another MBS team of 7th graders came in third place in Fluor’s worldwide competition, competing against primarily high school students. Mission School is an early implementer of the Next Generation Science Standards and is incorporating STEM into all aspects of our science curriculum. The Fluor event challenged students to design a machine capable of sorting different size beads while using certain specifications and resources, and while also considering cost and time into the design.

Finally, an after school Robotics club was organized in which students built robots which competed in various competitions around the south county.

Mission Basilica School is looking forward to this school year, textbooks will be purchased to go along with the TCI online science curriculum in grades K-5.  MBS will also begin the process of integrating STEM into all areas of the curriculum in the next school year.


Teachers will continue to attend trainings in NGSS as they become available, and will complete the      NASA Endeavor Leadership Certificate in STEM Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.