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School Advisory Councils

Consultative School Board

The Mission Basilica School Consultative School Board is established by the Principal and Pastor, in accordance with Diocesan policy, to assist in the governance of the school. The Advisory Council is consultative and not deliberative. A consultative council is one which cooperates in the policy making process by formulating and adapting policy in concert with the Pastor and Principal.

The School Board meets with the Pastor and Principal on a regular basis to:

  • Promote the concept of lay ministry and a commitment to Catholic education.

  • Develop and review policies to promote ownership and stability for the future including school programs, strategic plans and marketing strategies.

  • Provide parents/guardians with a voice in their children’s education.

  • Serve as a public relations source.

The School Board consists of the Principal, two officers (Chairperson & Secretary), the Parents’ Club Chairperson and appointed members at the discretion of the Principal and Pastor.

School Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is appointed by the Mission Basilica School Consultative School Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. The Finance Committee’s role is consultative and not deliberative. The primary duties and responsibilities are to provide professional advice to the Principal and Pastor and duties as outlined below.

  • Review monthly financial statements as prepared by the Controller.
  • Make recommendations for strategic plans and school operations based on current and forecasted finances.
  • Monitor and determine the integrity of the financial reporting process and systems.
  • Monitor and determine the use and purpose of all restricted funds.
  • Establish an annual budget in conjunction with the Principal and School Controller.
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual report and any other financial reporting as requested by the Principal and Pastor.

    The Finance Committee operates under the by-laws.

Please CLICK HERE to view the MBS School Board By-laws.